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GreenAZ July 2008: Cost-Efficient Energy Alternatives and Solutions

New Solar Technology That's Affordable!!

Nanosolar, Inc has developed a production process that will significantly decrease the price of  Photovoltaic (PV) sheets.  Currently, PV cells cost $3.00 per watt.  The  new Nanosolar PV sheets (or "Power Sheets") cost  $0.30 per watt, which is cheaper than burning coal at $1.00 per watt.

This new development could make solar power mainstream but  as of now the new Nanosolar Powersheets are on back order for 3-5 years.  The good news is that there are venture capitalists investing in Nanosolar such as the co-founders of google...

In the meantime, there are great incentives in Arizona that still make purchasing and using solar power  a wise investment and very appealing..

Arizona Incentives To Go Solar

You can get  rebates for installation,  tax credits and reduced or no electric bills.  You can even sell excess energy to electric companies in some areas. 

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Saving Energy With Insulated Vinyl Siding

While most of us know how to decrease air conditioning and heating consumption in our homes by installing eco windows and doors and by sealing off roof and foundation, many people do not realize that the wood framing in their homes contribute to unnecessary consumption of energy.  Did you know that your home loses 20-25% of heat and cooled air due to the wood framing in your home?  In addition, because traditional insulation has an R-value (amount that insulation restricts air flow) of 0.15- 0.65, so much air is lost from your home.  With  insulated vinyl siding, on the other hand, the R-value is 3.96 and you would save hundreds and even thousands of dollars per year on energy bills with insulated vinyl siding. 

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Other Manufacturers:  Alcoa Home Exteriors, Alside, CertainTeed, Crane Performance Siding, Heartland Building Products, Mitten Inc., Norandex/Reynolds, KP Building Products, Revere Building Products, RMC/Style Crest and Variform.

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